Mochet Velocar Motorized Pedal Car Microcar Chassis

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Here is a Mochet Velocar chassis. These were built just after WW2 in Puteaux, France by Etablissements Charles Mochet. The car is pedal-powered from the driver's side with a 2-cycle, single-cylinder motor in front. This model has a single-cylinder Ydral engine (100cc ?). Mochet used Ydral and also Zurcher motors. I'm not sure if this engine is original to the car or not, but it does seem to fit the chassis. It is complete with carburetor, exhaust pipe and muffler. The bodies to these cars rarely survive, being made of thin bendable plywood with non-waterproof glue. They had a simple cushioned leatherette seat for two. Search "Mochet Velocar" on the www and you'll find a number of photos. Two of these cars were sold in 2013 by RM Auctions at the Microcar Museum in Georgia. They were dated from the late '30s. One (non-motorized, with two sets of pedals) sold for $16,000, the other (with an added motor) $15,000. You can see one in-person at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. They date their Velocar to 1945. The Velocar is a delightful concept, and they were actually fairly successful because of the post-war gasoline shortage in France. I imported this chassis from France several years ago. It had the original body, but it was too rotted to ship. Included is a "Box-O-Parts" with a few headlamps and what I believe is the original gas tank.
CONDITION: This chassis, though with a rusty surface, looks in solid condition. The steering column is bent, but it should be easy to straighten or replace. The steering linkage seems complete and should work once the column is staightened. The Velocars were a simple, basic design, mostly constructed with standard parts. The wire wheels are in poor shape, plus they look too small. A standard-type bicycle wheel could be used. The parking brake lever is missing, but the quadrant is there (see photo). The motor looks complete. I don't know if the piston is free; they are often stuck. The Ydral engines were popular on many French motorcycles, however; parts and literature are available. There is even a "Club Ydral" in France you can join. They sold me a new piston for a similar motor I had restored. The entire chassis, with wheels, measures about 7' X 4'. I'd estimate the weight at about 175 pounds or so. I have no title but it may not need one if it is considered a quadricycle.
SHIPPING: If you can't pick it up yourself, I suggest where independent truckers bid on your shipment. It should easily fit in a pickup truck or van. Crating is possible at extra cost. I can help load; no steps here.
Here is a chance to own one of the most interesting and curious automobiles ever made. I'm selling this one as I have another similar chassis (with rotting plywood body) that I plan to restore. Perhaps we could help each other with our projects! Check out the book "Mochet. Minimalisme sur Roues" by Hermann Bruning. In French and English, it's a great little guide to the Mochet cars.

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